We are a creative development force that dives deep understand the processes and provides efficient, effective technical solutions to improve processes for business large & small.


  • Teach

    Conduct workshops with our team members to help them explain the potential of the product and make each individual aware of the product who becomes the part of the project.

  • Userflow

    Using the core team of the project, the designers/developers are asked to logically devise a user flow with all the possible navigation used by the user. Possibly using all the functionalities.

  • Wireframes

    With defining the functionality from the user flow, our team would build a wireframe based prototype to check if there’s any functionality still missing and shall make sure all the functionality & flow is encapsulated.

  • Visual Design

    Evaluating from the data we have collected, our design team shall proceed to make the visual designs of the wireframes and user experience flow.

  • Development

    With the visual designs, and once the design has a go ahead, we proceed our designs to coding for both the modules for mobile development e.g. iOS and Android.

  • Testing

    Rigorous testing would take place that would eliminate all the bug and help us fix the code if there’s any problem and would make it ready to be published on respective platforms, quantitative testing ~50 people hired.

  • Publish Product

    After all the bugs have been identified, the mobile apps or web apps are published on respective platforms by our team; where we will monitor post development maintenance also.

Team & Expertise

  • Ruby on Rails

    5 Years +

  • Angular JS

    3 Years +

  • Hypertext Preprocessor

    7 Years +

  • Laravel

    3 Years +

  • MongoDB

    2 Years +

  • Node JS

    4 Years +

  • Express

    2 Years +

  • Firebase

    4 Years +

  • IOS

    4 Years +

  • Android

    3 Years +

  • Ionic

    1 Years +

  • HTML

    7 Years +